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Putting links in a Forum Post

Creating links in a forum post or any where else in Lee's Fishing Page is very easy. You really don't want the link text to show in the post, so here is a way to do it and also make the link open in a new page.

Highlight Link Text

First type out the text you want (In this case the word “Poll”)to use as the link text and highlight that text.

Press Link Button

Next press the link button in the tool bar, and the Dialog box for links appears.

Dialog for adding a link

Now you can pick the type of link and paste the link code in the appropreate field. 99% of the time it is URL, now place the cursor in the link field and copy your link into it. (See picture above)

Pick target for this Link

Now select the Target Tab on the Dialog box and set the target to _blank, this will open the link in a new page.

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