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Chat Help

You will learn how to enter the Chat Room, Register, Identify your NickName and Quit. These are the basic instructions for the Chat Room.

The first person who goes into the chat room will press the Open Chat Room button in the block. ONLY THE FIRST USER NEED DO THIS. Open Chat Room Block

Click on menu item to enter Chat Room. Chat Room Menu Item

Users will need to connect using there user handle as their nickname. Enter your handle (Ex. LeeGoldsmith for me) and press the CONNECT Button. Login to Chat Room

Once in a user will need to register their NickName, instructions are right on the Static page for the Chat Room. This only has to be done once for each user, after you register you don't have to do it again. Register your Nickname

Next Identify yourself (Instructions on Chat Page), this will need to be done each time you go into the Chat Room. Identifying your Nickname

When you leave the Chat Room you must quit first then leave. Quiting the Chat Room

Last person to leave the Chat Room must Press the Close Chat Room button on the block so others will know no one is home. Close Chat Room Block

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