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Creating a Sub-Album

To create an album in Media Gallery, select the Create Album option from the Options drop down menu. Each album has a set of configuration attributes that control how the album will be displayed, options for media presentation, and access rights.

Edit Album

In this section you enter the Title and Description of the New Album. You can also change the parent album (effectively moving the album to another parent).

If the album you are editing contains sub-albums, you have the option of forcing all children albums to have the exact same permissions as the parent. If you choose to do this, check the check box labeled: Force Child Update.

Deleting Albums

An album can be deleted by selecting the Delete button in the album edit screen. If you select to delete an album, you will be given the option to move all sub-albums and media to another album or delete them. If you choose to have all the contents deleted, it is permanent, there is no undo function and all the media and sub-albums will be removed.

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